Broke Girl Therapy

About Broke girl therapy


Broke Girl Therapy is a podcast hosted by Stefanie Maegan, a 20 something year old serial dater who has trouble looking for love in Los Angeles. With today's modern day hookup culture and dating apps, Stefanie documents every experience as her form of therapy to help her separate the difference between relationships and situation-ships. She invites friends, ex-boyfriends, and dates onto the podcast to explicitly talk about topics everyone else is scared to bring up.


About me

I am someone that uses heartbreak as a form of inspiration. I've written millions of mediocre sappy poems and songs about why "the man of my dreams" is not reciprocating his love for me. As a child, I was constantly hogging my family's video camera to create my own talk shows with wide ranges of topics such as, "what songs I like from the Britney Spears album" to "why my parents should buy me a dog". Fast forward to 20 years later, I'm still the fucking same. Except this time, I have a dog & no sappy love songs - just a sappy, but yet light hearted podcast called Broke Girl Therapy.

I was born and raised north of Los Angeles in the suburbs of Santa Clarita Valley (hence the valley girl accent). Constantly mistaken as a Latina, I am actually of Filipino / Lebanese descent. After high school, I studied at FIDM / Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Visual Communications. From there, I continued to pursue my career in fashion.

The idea of Broke Girl Therapy blossomed when I realized one day that I have a bad habit of going for the wrong guys. I sat on the idea of having a show, and then one night I had a dream about a podcast that was "therapeutic". I woke up and the name Broke Girl Therapy was born.

I am no love expert, if anything the purpose of the show is to document my own personal growth and hopefully people listening can be entertained and learn something about themselves too. After all, therapy is too expensive, am I right?